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At Flynn Hotels, we acknowledge that it is the strength and quality of the people within our hotels that create such memorable experiences for our guests.

            The Newpark Hotel is a member of The Flynn hotel group where we are dedicated to providing the very highest levels of service. Through your support and the use of our Flynn Core Values ‘’PRIDE’’ we will ensure we are constantly providing our guests with a truly memorable experiences allowing us to continue to be market leaders within the hospitality industry. It’s important to us that our staff feel confident within their team and role and that they use their PRIDE training as the tool for providing world class service to our guests.

PRIDE training workshops are rolled out consistently throughout the year to all new and existing staff members. Upon completing the workshop staff members should be able to:

Take care of customers confidently so the customer believes that are being treated as family

Confidently manage customer situations that reflect the PRIDE approach.

Bring the mission statement, “Let Our Family Look after yours” alive.

Demonstrate a desire to deliver quality service to your customers on a daily basis.

Work with integrity by being honest and supportive of your colleagues.

Confidently take that extra step to ensure your customer has a great experience, knowing that your hotel supports you in your actions.

Take ownership and delight in providing a great experience for each and every customer.

                        Staff members will receive a PRIDE pin as well as the above information on a pocket- sized card after participating in the workshop.