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Health Club & Spa Facilities

Welcome to the Escape Health Club & Spa

Our facilities include:

Fully equipped Gym with techno Gym CV equipment

Each piece of cardio has its own entertainment system installed with TV and Radio to choose from.

Wide range of resistance machines and Free weight are also available.

Our studio holds a number of different classes throughout the week and caters for all levels of fitness.


We have compiled a short guide to help you on your journey through our Thermal suite to ensure you get the full benefits from each zone as you pass through. 


Step in, Sit back relax and let the jets sooth away the aches and pains of a long day. After our jets have massaged those tired muscles, experience the weightless feeling of floating on a bed of air as the bubbles surround you leaving you revived, relaxed and ready for your next stop on your journey.

Tropical Shower:

After the Jacuzzi why not let or tropical shower rinse away all the tension and stresses of the day. Our adjustable water flow and temperature will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated on you way to your next heat treatment.


Experience the atmosphere and dry heat of our Scandinavian Cedar wood sauna. Kept at a temperature of 85c our natural untreated wood and darkened room promotes a feeling of pace and being one with nature. To truly appreciate this you must now experience the depths of our ice cold plunge pool.

Plunge Pool:

What a perfect way to awaken the senses after a stay in the sauna, our icy plunge pool will reinvigorate your whole body leaving you refreshed and ready to move on to your next heat treatment.

Steam Room:

Our large steam room complete with our exclusive recline seating, and relaxing music is a must for all visitors to the Health Club. Sit back and allow the steam to gently detoxify and purify the skin as you allow your mind to drift slowly along with the music playing quitely in the background.

Bucket Shower:

After the therapeutic effects of the steam room its time to enter the closing stage of our journey, but not before you wash away all the impurities and toxins released from the steam room. Step under the bucket and pull the rope to feel the exhilarating ice cold waters rush over you cleansing both body and mind as you embark on the last stage of your journey through Escape.

Infinity Pool:

It’s now time to experience the great Irish out doors from the amazing comfort of our heated Out Door Infinity Pool. Enjoy panoramic views of the rolling Irish countryside from your reclined seating or turn on one of the features to enjoy a more vigorous experience.

Our most popular Feature in Escape Health Club no visit to the hotel is complete without experiencing the Infinity Pool.