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Jerpoint Park

The Newpark Hotel is located centrally in Kilkenny County, and is just a 25 minute drive from Jerpoint Park. This is a fantastic historical attraction, and provides hours of entertainments for visitors to the region. In 2017, Jerpoint Park is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 5pm daily. Take a sneak peek at what you can find waiting for you at the park:

Explore life in the past

This deserted 12th century medieval town immerses visitors in the past. Walk the footsteps of those who came centuries before, and explore what the once thriving town of Newtown Jerpoint looked like. During the tour, you’ll see what the housing and businesses of the past were once like, and have the chance to explore inside the establishments. These have been lovingly kept and restored throughout the years, providing an accurate representation of earlier times.

Visit the grave of St. Nicholas

This historical site was opened to the public in April 2011, and contains the Tomb Effigy of St. Nicholas, who was the Bishop of Myra. He was the patron of many places and people, with pawnbrokers, travellers, unwed persons, children, sailors and many others claiming a special relationship to the saint. The holy figure was born in 260ad in Patara, a coastal town in what is now Turkey. He was celebrated throughout his life for his generosity, and died beloved in 343ad. Legend has it that his earthly remains were brought back to Newtown Jerpoint for safe keeping. To this day, his remains are marked by an intricately carved grave slab just outside the Jerpoint church.

Watch a sheepdog demonstration

In keeping with its heritage, Jerpoint Park is home to a host of farm animals. These can be seen as you stroll throughout the park, and include sheepdogs, sheep, donkeys and geese, to name but a few. Sheepdog demonstrations also regularly take place.

Take a guided tour

Listen to an experienced guide detail the life of those who wandered these grounds before you. The tours are approximately 1 hour long, and suitable footwear is a must. The paths are not wheelchair accessible. To book your tour, contact Jerpoint Park on the website, or by calling +353 (0)86 606 1449.

Book accommodation near Jerpoint Park

If you’re planning on visiting the heritage site, book a relaxing 4 star stay close by. The Newpark Hotel is located on a 40 acre estate, and is one of the top hotels near Jerpoint Park. We regularly have special offers running; choose which one you’d like to avail of today.

IMAGE CREDIT: Roselinde Bon